2008-Today Active as double bass player and composer mainly in Switzerland and Germany.

2023 Composes the new soundtrack for "Brüder" (D, 1929 - Wener Hochbaum) commissioned by Puschkino Halle

2023 Composes the new soundtrack for "Der Schweizerische Nationalpark" (CH, 1939 - Paul Schmid) commissioned by Kantonsbibliothek Graubünden.

2022 Composes the new soundtrack for "La Modella" (IT, 1916 - Ugo Falena) commissioned by the Museum Vincenzo Vela.

2021 Composes the new soundtrack for "Red Fox" (FR, 1925 - Julien Duvivier) commissioned by the Silene Giannini foundation.

2019 Composes the new soundtrack for "The Man with the Camera" (USSR, 1929 - Dsiga Wertov) commissioned by the Cinema Teatro Blenio association.

2017 Composes the new soundtrack for "Terje Vigen" (SE, 1917 - Victor Sjöström) commissioned by the Lichtspiele Olten association.

2015 Is invited to perform with the European Broadcasting Union Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Ohad Talmor.

2008-2012 Bachelor of Music at the Jazz Institute Berlin (Germany), where he studies double bass with Greg Cohen and Marc Muellbauer and attends classes with David Friedman, John Hollenbeck, Ludwig Nuss, Ed Partyka, Gerard Presencer and Kurt Rosenwinkel.

2009 Receives a 3-year grant from Live Music Now, an association founded by Yehudi Menhuin.

2007 Composes in collaboration with Nolan Quinn and Brian Quinn the new soundtrack for "Nanook of the North" (USA, 1922 - Robert Flaherty), commissioned by Chiassocultura.

2007 Studies classical double bass with Enrico Fagone for two semesters.

2002-2006 Attends the jazz school "Scuola di Musica Moderna" in Lugano (Switzerland), where he studies double bass with Marco Ricci and piano with Mario Rusca.

1988 Born in Lugano (Switzerland).

His musical involvement led him to share the stage with some of the well known musicians such as Bill Carrothers, Gabriele Comeglio, Olivier Ker Ourio, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ohad Talmor and Tino Tracanna.

He has played in numerous clubs and festivals in Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the USA.

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→ Room in the middle / with Filipe Duarte / 2020
→ Dusty West / with Nolan Quinn / 2020
→ Dunkelgold / with Drej's Quintet / 2017
→ Just like Mary did before you / with TreMeandy / 2016
→ Diokan Suite / with Euroradio Jazz Orchestra & Ohad Talmor/ 2015
→ Dreaming Of A Place Unseen / with Nolan Quinn / 2014
It's Only a Paper World / with Q3 / 2009
Introducing Q3, live and on tour (DVD) / with Q3 / 2007
→ On Cue / with Q3 / 2005
Q3 / with Q3 / 2004