SIMON QUINN - Dziga Vertov

Original sountrack newly composed by Simon Quinn to the documentary «Man With A Movie Camera» by Dziga Vertov, Soviet Union (1929).

Commissioned by Associazione Cinema Blenio

SIMON QUINN - Terje Vigen

Original sountrack newly composed by Simon Quinn to the drama «Terje Vigen» by Victor Sjöström that launched the golden age of Swedish silent film (1917).

Commissioned by Lichtspiele Olten.

The plot of this epic motion picture tells a story of crushed dreams, solitude and forgiveness unwinding between Norway, Denmark and England on the merciless waters of the North Sea.

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The Berlin based trio, headed by the Swiss-American double bass player Simon Quinn accompanied by the German singer Zola Mennenöh and the Greek guitarist Charis Karantzas, has an unusual instrumentation which implies subtle and harmonious melodic twines generated by the meticulous interpretation of the written parts opposed to the elegance of improvised musical bits.

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