Speechless - silent movies & live music

In enchanting cinemas and always cultivated and intimate surroundings, the union of cinema and music is revived. The magic of memories on 35-millimeter reels that buzz in the back of the audience and project their flickering light onto the screen; a last cough in the tense room; the musicians briefly tune their instruments as the room lights finally dim...

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Q3 a Musicians' Collective
Giacomo Reggiani Quartet / with Manuel Pramotton, Oliver Illi, Simon Quinn, Giacomo Reggiani



Andrej Ugoljew's DREI-ZVO III / with Andrej Ugoljew, Simon Quinn, Martin Krümmling
Duo Fojorina 1.8 / with Andres Böhmer, Simon Quinn
Filipe Duarte Chamber Ensemble / with Filipe Duarte, Julius Gawlik, Natasha Jaffe, Simon Quinn
Filipe Duarte Quartet / with Filipe Duarte, Gregor Fticar, Simon Quinn, Mathias Ruppnig
Kati Brien's Dreamband / with Kati Brien, Bastian Duncker, Viktor Wolf, Andrej Ugoljew, Simon Quinn, Tilo Weber
Nolan Quinn Quintet / with Nolan Quinn, Max Treutner / Jonathan Maag, Gregor Fticar / Mathieu Mauzé, Simon Quinn, Giacomo Reggiani / Brian Quinn
Trio Bleu / with Stefan Nagler, Simon Quinn, Kay Kalytta